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  • Best Seller , Gauntlet

    Aphrodite Gauntlet


    Named after Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of love and seduction

    Ideal for a woman that loves to seduce underlining her beauty and femininity

    Perfect gift for every woman

  • Gauntlet

    Lamia Gauntlet

    Named after the Greek female demon Lamia , a supernatural night creature half woman and half snake , that seduced men in order to eat them

    Ideal for the woman that loves to show how dangerous and powerful she may be

    Perfect gift for your Mistress

  • Gauntlet , NEW IN

    Medea Gauntlet

    Named after Medea, a powerful and evil sorceress in Greek mithology

    a must have for a woman that loves to look powerful and be worshipped

    a perfect  unsual gift for your  lover

  • Gauntlet , Set

    Tea Rose Gauntlet

    Named after  the  rose Tea

    Ideal for a woman delicate like a rose but dangerous as its thornes

    Perfect gift for a  romantic woman